Don’t feed the Jackals


Farmers. Plat sellers. We hate them, loath them. We see them beating us to nodes, or a bunch of them bot-ed ganking your mob. Every where you go, there they are. Every game that has a way to exchange items and or gold has them. Like flies to road kill they come, and swarm all over your fun.
Who’s to blame?
Hate to tell you this sparky, its the player’s fault. Any gamer worth his salt has heard this time and time again. Don’t buy plat, don’t use power leveling services, don’t buy pre-leveled toons.

Thing is, I doubt that the True players of online games are the ones doing this buying. I belive it is players who don’t have tons of time, but have the cash. They do not stop to think beyond the in game coin item or toon they are just about to buy or what risk they are placing them self into.

Or it could be rich parents who do not think twice when their kid asks for a pre-leveled toon for WoW. The kid should know better but he does not care, he just wants to be ubar at any cost.

WoW, is the biggest den of plat sellers, farmers and toon levelers out there! WoW is where you can truly buy your way to the top with items, gear and toons. I have seen it all too often.

This effects all other games out there. Don’t think for one moment that the farmers don’t turn around and use the credit cards numbers they just got for selling your son, 500 gold in WoW and use it to by account some where else, because they do.

The people who do use these plat farmer put their credit card info at risk. These guys turn right around and use the number to buy more accounts, then later the companies face the back charges once people discover these extra charges. That costs the companies in fines and lost income. In the mean time those farmers are laughing their heads off at all of us for using their services, laughing all the way to bank with your cash.

Buy plat/items/toons and feed the Jackals.

This is such a viscous circle, and it needs to be broken. Maybe I can work with Jethal to make up a graphic we can pass about that would address this, Break the Chain of farming!.

Don’t feed the Jackals, because that is what they are, scavengers who go after the weakest players, ones who are not informed.
“Yes, yes we sell you coin, you get pretty item, better gear, you be happy, weloveyoulongtime.”

There is two great write up’s about this, one is over at Not Funny… Ever, the other is from Rich “Greeblen” Schmelter the SOE Customer Service Manager for EQ-EQII-EQOA.

Author: Elquinjena