Kithicor’s Forest



Kithicor’s Forest is named for the Ranger’s Guild Master ([[Lord Kithicor]]) of the continent of Antonica, and lays between the Commonlands, High Pass and the city of Rivervale.  Originally serving as the Ranger’s training area in the most central point in Norrath, the Forest of Kithicor took on a sinister role during the first, ever, Live Event of EverQuest:  The Battle of [[Bloody Kithicor]], which tore open the Plane of Hate and cursed the forest forever.

After [[Bloody Kithicor]], [[Lord Kithicor]] retreated with the forces of Light, lead by [[Firiona Vie]], while the army of Innoruuk fell all who remained.

Not much is known of the travels and adventures of [[Lord Kithicor]] until his dramatic return to reclaim the forest, some years later, summoning to his side, his final student, [[Jethal Silverwing]] – and tasked him with forging a Legion to seek vengeance on the Teir’dal, who were responsible for the fall of the Forest.

Lead by [[Jethal Silverwing]], the [[Legion of Kithicor]] marched into the Teir’dal city of Neriak, and lay waste to the city – slaying all who stood in their path.

With the [[Kithicor’s Forest]] avenged, the [[Legion of Kithicor]] focused their efforts to laying the souls of the [[Fallen of Kithicor]] to rest.  Spending countless nights slaying the, seemingly, unending damned souls which rose from the dirt to seek vengeance on the living.  This task would not end until war once again raised it’s ugly head on the lands and Norrath trembled to the Shattering of Luclin.

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