The Story of Dufoo and Cheesit


*Note* I had this story in my head for a while, this is the first time I’ve written it down.

Dufoo, the Drunken Dwarf, and his wife where sitting at home one day when they heard a commotion at the door. Dufoo grabbed his axe and went to investigate… “Wife! Sum daft id’ot left a basket at the door.. and it’s movin and fussin!”

Dufoo’s wife lept to her feet and pulled back the blanket, which covered the basket, to reveal a baby ratonga and a note which read “Pleez takes care of me baby, he is fuzzy and white and loves cheez. I have no monies for cheeze and he needs the cheeze to grow strong”

Back in those days, Ratongas weren’t liked at all, and Dufoo’s wife sneered at the little thing fussin in the basket, she turned to Dufoo and said “Take this little thing back to Freeport – I’ll not have it in the house, probably has fleas!”

Dufoo wasn’t happy about having to travel so far, he groaned and complained.. but, his wife grabbed her mace and chased him out the door, shouting “Don’t come back with that Tonga!”

Dufoo made the trip across the sea and through the dessert, and approached a guard near the city wall. “Me wife and I found dis Tonga on our doorstep.. is there not a orphanage to take him here in your /fine/ city?”

The guard looked with disgust at the basket and pointed toward a nearby metal grate.. “Dump him into the sewer and be done with him” he said. Dufoo’s eyes went wide with shock at the guard’s lack of empathy and show of hatred.

The mighty dwarf sighed and began to slowly walk to the sewer entrance when a tiny furry hand reached out of the basket and wrapped around his thumb. He looked down and saw a tiny pink nose poking up though the blanket and felt the squeeze at his thumb.

The words of his wife rang in his ear “Don’t come back with that Tonga!”
Dufoo, mighty and strong – the pride of his clan.. shed a tear.

Dufoo never returned home that day. He raised the little tonga on his own, he named him Cheesit.