The Jethal Show

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**The Jethal Show Ended it’s run in 2012 – We thank you all for putting up with our nonsense for 5 years. Click Here for the Show Archives!!.

Just what is the Jethal Silverwing Show?

Jethal and Elquinjena sit down once a week and bring you the news and information that any self respecting player of EverQuest and EverQuest 2 can rely on.  No, just kidding.

Personal opinion, wild speculation, conjecture and reporting on things they have little to no credible information on… simmer with explosive outbursts, fierce wit and adult themes with just a dash of actual fact and serious reporting.. bring to a boil and that is the Jethal Silverwing Show!

Tune in Every Tuesday at 10pm eastern (that’s 7pm pacific) for the Music, Mayhem and More!

MISC Skits!

10 things you should never doJethal Silverwing1.73 MB1:15 Play
Ale TaxJethal Silverwing2.23 MB1:37 Play
Antonia's RackJethal Silverwing1.37 MB1:00 Play
Cheesit in Training 1 - WarriorJethal Silverwing3.84 MB2:48 Play
Cheesit in Training 2 - MonkJethal Silverwing3.98 MB2:54 Play
Cheesit in Training 3 - MageJethal Silverwing6.62 MB4:49 Play
Cheesit in Training 4 - HealerJethal Silverwing4.15 MB3:01 Play
Cheesit in Training 5 - In courtJethal Silverwing2.36 MB1:43 Play
Dufoo's Bar IncidentsJethal Silverwing3.67 MB2:40 Play
Dufoo in RIFTJethal Silverwing6.47 MB4:43 Play
Dwarven Wine Tasting with DufooJethal Silverwing4.63 MB3:22 Play
Happy Birthday JennaJethal Silverwing1.11 MB0:48 Play
Interview with Brass's GoatJethal Silverwing4.18 MB3:03 Play
Jerry the Camel GuyJethal Silverwing1.02 MB0:45 Play
News from the Kelethin City FaireJethal Silverwing4.36 MB3:11 Play
The Birthday TrollsJethal Silverwing813.96 KB0:35 Play
The Meaning of FrostfellJethal Silverwing5.92 MB4:18 Play

Ask The Drunken Dwarf!

An inconvenient Truth, On the Naughty ListJethal Silverwing4.86 MB5:15 Play
Ask The Drunken Dwarf - The show that Time ForgotJethal Silverwing10.08 MB7:18 Play
Ask a Drunken Dwarf - Early Delivery - Sober Bill - Dwarves in Elves Clothing - Weasel: the Other White MeatJethal Silverwing7.65 MB5:32 Play
Barbarian Wode Removal, Frolock LickingJethal Silverwing5.60 MB4:02 Play
Beards Bursting into Flame - Inter-Racial LoveJethal Silverwing7.07 MB5:07 Play
Celebrity Influence, Ancient ContestsJethal Silverwing6.15 MB4:26 Play
Cheesy LoveJethal Silverwing4.45 MB4:48 Play
Cooking with Ale, Science!!Jethal Silverwing6.72 MB5:49 Play
Dating in Qeynos / Girly Man Wood Working / BrasseJethal Silverwing5.83 MB4:12 Play
Drinkless Dwarves - Teir'dals RuleJethal Silverwing4.20 MB3:01 Play
Dwarven Infestation, Potion Blow OutJethal Silverwing5.18 MB5:36 Play
Dyslexic Cows, Saint Bernards, The Drunken Bar Tab, Naga-Hide ArmorJethal Silverwing8.05 MB5:52 Play
Fae Sealed for Freshness, Psychotic WhirlygiggJethal Silverwing5.24 MB3:47 Play
Gaming Debts, Bathroom EtiquetteJethal Silverwing6.32 MB4:34 Play
Gaming Goblins - Deep Fried Weasel - Settling DownJethal Silverwing6.87 MB4:58 Play
Goblin Investments, Coin R UsJethal Silverwing6.31 MB4:33 Play
Hired GoonsJethal Silverwing7.44 MB5:23 Play
Lip Syncing, Drugged up Drinking, Secret Agent DwarfJethal Silverwing7.28 MB5:16 Play
Morning Wood, Too Much Ale?Jethal Silverwing6.36 MB4:35 Play
No Beer or No Bed - Shot through the HeartJethal Silverwing5.08 MB3:40 Play
Norrathian Dueling Alliance, Drunken Dermatology, Peaches!Jethal Silverwing7.73 MB5:35 Play
Praising Erollisi, Barbarian WomenJethal Silverwing4.66 MB3:21 Play
Psychotic Wing Ripper, Tender Loving BarbariansJethal Silverwing3.99 MB4:18 Play
Pudgy Halflings, Cleaning Advice, Brells or Brells LightJethal Silverwing4.88 MB3:31 Play
Race Change Potions, Hedge Maze Rescue, Masking ScentsJethal Silverwing5.81 MB6:18 Play
Riddle me this, Holiday Madness, On HiatusJethal Silverwing6.03 MB4:21 Play
Shaving Badgers, Battle AxesJethal Silverwing5.50 MB3:58 Play
Shaving Kerrans, The Dish Rag of DoomJethal Silverwing5.06 MB3:39 Play
Shopping for Santa - Note in a Bottle - Cheesy NotesJethal Silverwing5.99 MB4:19 Play
Sitting Around, Toasty Girls, Fae vs ArasaiJethal Silverwing6.68 MB4:50 Play
Sober Guild Meetings, I Ogre, The Grassy GnollJethal Silverwing6.95 MB5:01 Play
Sock on the Doorknob, Bouncing Ale KegsJethal Silverwing4.78 MB3:26 Play
Sweet Gnomie Love, Drunken Algebra, House CleaningJethal Silverwing6.03 MB4:21 Play
The Great Kabuki, The Book of Love, More Drunk than DrunkJethal Silverwing5.99 MB4:19 Play
The Hairy Hunter, Singing to DeathJethal Silverwing5.96 MB4:18 Play
The Impossible Keg, Drooling WargsJethal Silverwing5.50 MB4:46 Play
There's No Help for ya - The Joker's Wild - Beiber vs Beaver - Poppy Goodness - Where are my Pants!?Jethal Silverwing7.79 MB5:38 Play
They look like ants - Chain Mail Binkini - Law and Odor - The Absent Minded ProvisionerJethal Silverwing7.56 MB5:28 Play
To Tree or Not to Tree, Planing Wood..Elves, Skeletons in the ClosetJethal Silverwing4.53 MB3:15 Play
Tonga Surprise Party, Popular Guy, Confused young man, captain cavemanJethal Silverwing7.36 MB5:19 Play
Troll+Tonga=Gahh!!, Peronae ProblemsJethal Silverwing5.00 MB6:10 Play
Why is the Rum Gone? - Weird Questions - Love is Blind - Women are the Devil! - Tonga Words of WisdomJethal Silverwing7.74 MB5:36 Play

The Far-back Weather Report!

AntonicaJethal Silverwing5.75 MB2:31 Play
BeholderJethal Silverwing3.40 MB2:28 Play
Dwarf and Cheesit get sent to a bunch of Horror MoviesJethal Silverwing6.55 MB4:46 Play
EverfrostJethal Silverwing3.66 MB2:40 Play
IcecladJethal Silverwing3.03 MB2:12 Play
KaladimJethal Silverwing2.43 MB1:46 Play
KaranaJethal Silverwing2.29 MB1:40 Play
Kids TVJethal Silverwing3.19 MB2:19 Play
Oasis of MarrJethal Silverwing2.65 MB2:19 Play
Plane of FearJethal Silverwing921.72 KB0:39 Play
Plane of HateJethal Silverwing2.09 MB1:31 Play
Plane of StormsJethal Silverwing3.23 MB2:21 Play
Rathe MountainsJethal Silverwing2.35 MB1:43 Play
RivervaleJethal Silverwing3.22 MB2:20 Play
Star Wars GalaxiesJethal Silverwing4.24 MB3:05 Play
SteamfontJethal Silverwing2.64 MB1:55 Play
The GreyJethal Silverwing1.91 MB1:40 Play
Trakanons LairJethal Silverwing2.20 MB1:36 Play

Interview with an NPC!

BoombaElquinjena9.32 MB6:47 Play
CogburnElquinjena3.92 MB2:51 Play
Elquin's BoneElquinjena3.43 MB2:30 Play
FalinElquinjena3.72 MB2:42 Play
GrimfeatherElquinjena4.67 MB3:24 Play
KlumppElquinjena5.99 MB7:28 Play
Luclin the Stable BoyElquinjena7.22 MB3:09 Play
Nathan IronforgeElquinjena5.59 MB4:04 Play
Patrolman Fanthis of Eldaar GroveElquinjena3.07 MB2:14 Play
The Bottomless HalfingElquinjena6.49 MB4:44 Play
The PainterElquinjena3.27 MB2:23 Play
Void Storm Breaking NewsDuffoo5.96 MB4:20 Play

Real Men of Norrath!

Collection Obsessed Shinney HunterJethal Silverwing1.77 MB1:17 Play
Mr Bitches in shouts though no one gives a damnJethal Silverwing1.55 MB1:05 Play
Mr Breaks Encounter during RaidJethal Silverwing1.57 MB1:06 Play
Mr Mistells Cybersex in GuildchatJethal Silverwing1.51 MB1:04 Play
Mr Roles on Every No Trade ItemJethal Silverwing1.55 MB1:05 Play
Mr Suicide Dive's into Heroic CampJethal Silverwing1.52 MB1:04 Play
Mr Takes RP too SeriouslyJethal Silverwing1.51 MB1:04 Play
Nathan IronforgeJethal Silverwing1.53 MB1:04 Play
Node Stealing Ninja PharmerJethal Silverwing1.54 MB1:05 Play
Plays Female Characters for GiftsJethal Silverwing1.04 MB1:05 Play