Popcorn Topping


You love popcorn.. but you don’t love buying that expensive name brand topping (oil).. you’re in luck!  Just make your own at home!

The Orville Redenbacher Popping and Topping oil can go for around $5 for a 16oz bottle (or 30c per ounce).. here’s a trick to make a similar topping for less!

  • Corn Oil – $3.50 for 48oz, or 7c an ounce.
  • Artificial Butter Flavor – 20z bottle $2 (but you’re only using a few drops)
  • Regular Table Salt to flavor

Mix to taste, I went with two drops of the Artificial Butter to 16oz of Corn oil, and salted the popcorn afterward. (Be sure to shake the oil up before using, to mix the oil and butter flavor together).

So.. pay almost $5 per 16 fluid ounces of name brand topping.. or.. approximately $2 per 16 fluid ounces of your own.  Sure, it takes a little experimentation to get the flavor right, but well worth it – AND you can try different oils.. Corn, Soy, Canola.. I tried vegetable, and it seemed a little bland.. but, that’s just me, you may like it.