The Monster Club

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Welcome to The Monster Club! An honest look at horror movies from life-long horror fans!

During the run of this podcast (originally hosted at CinemaUnrest) Jethal and Tock reviewed not only classic horror, but also new releases. After 40 episodes, the show ended due to technical issues (Mostly crappy internet speeds). We invite you to relive the horror!

The Monster Club - NightbreedJethal; Tock20.87 MB1:27:20 Play
Cube (1997) - Monster Club ReviewJethal; Tock7.36 MB28:18 Play
2015-07-18-The Monster Club (1981)Jethal; Tock8.49 MB33:13 Play
Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)Jethal; Tock8.63 MB33:51 Play
Double Feature - The Howling / American Werewolf in LondonJethal; Tock10.81 MB43:22 Play
Twilight NotesJethal; Tock1.30 MB1:48 Play
CGI vs Practical EffectsJethal; Tock2.07 MB5:11 Play
Out Takes - 8/29/15Jethal; Tock3.91 MB13:12 Play
The Thing and the Other ThingJethal; Tock15.15 MB1:02:19 Play
The Halloween ListJethal; Tock8.72 MB34:13 Play
Children in HorrorJethal; Tock10.26 MB40:58 Play
IT FOLLOWSJethal; Tock7.95 MB30:51 Play
LifeforceJethal; Tock9.88 MB39:17 Play
The Changeling (1980)Jethal; Tock10.35 MB41:22 Play
Darkness FallsJethal; Tock10.20 MB40:42 Play
The Force of HabbitJethal; Tock5.49 MB10:03 Play
2016-01-09-The Force Awakens SpoilersJethal; Tock8.44 MB33:01 Play
2016-01-09-The Force Awakens and MistJethal; Tock16.65 MB1:08:52 Play
CandyManJethal; Tock9.44 MB37:23 Play
DreamcatcherJethal; Tock11.11 MB44:40 Play
ZOMBEAVERSJethal; Tock5.85 MB21:41 Play
This is the End - PodcastJethal; Tock6.88 MB26:12 Play
Popcorn and ConcessionsJethal; Tock3.49 MB11:23 Play
Popcorn (1991)Jethal; Tock8.93 MB35:09 Play
The BabadookJethal; Tock7.40 MB28:28 Play
Prince of DarknessJethal; Tock7.57 MB29:13 Play
Under The SkinJethal; Tock9.25 MB38:27 Play
Final DestinationJethal; Tock5.55 MB20:22 Play
Final Destination 2Jethal; Tock8.44 MB33:00 Play
Final Destination 3Jethal; Tock10.16 MB40:32 Play
X-Men Apocalypse PodcastJethal; Tock7.14 MB29:16 Play
The Final DestinationJethal; Tock8.92 MB37:01 Play
Final Destination 5Jethal; Tock7.76 MB30:02 Play
The Fly 1958Jethal; Tock8.07 MB31:23 Play
Ghostbusters (2016)Jethal; Tock9.58 MB38:00 Play
The Fly (1986)Jethal; Tock7.05 MB28:53 Play
SocietyJethal; Tock5.53 MB20:18 Play
John Dies at the EndJethal; Tock4.94 MB17:43 Play
Se7enJethal; Tock7.45 MB28:40 Play
The Lost BoysJethal; Tock8.25 MB32:10 Play
TrollhunterJethal; Tock5.36 MB19:32 Play