Lord Kithicor

Lord Kithicor

There are very few still alive who can tell you of Lord Kithicor. His name has fallen into the abyss of Myth and Legend.. and infamy.

Kithicor is the Ranger’s Guildmaster of Norrath.

Before the Battle of Bloody Kithicor, his namesake forest was a rich green haven for the Rangers of Antonica. Still to this day, Morin Shadowbane can be found along the North Wall – continuing the traditions of old.. There in the gathering of Rangers, Gandari and Leif may be found to assign the Quests for the Ivy Etched Armors.

But deep deep in the forest, beyond High Pass.. Passed Krile Arrowsmith’s fletching shop.. if you look hard enough, you can find Kithicor at his cabin, accompanied by Thumper – his giant Kodiak pet. Here at this home, Kithicor tries his best to free the souls of the Fallen soldiers of Kithicor and defend the wild against the Teir’Dal who have taken up camp nearby..

Kithicor fled the Forest with the forces led by Firiona Vie at the time of Innoruuk’s appearance, bringing death and torment to those who werent so lucky. And now, years later.. when the sun sets and the moon of Luclin rises.. the Fallen of Kithicor rise from the ground – seeking vengence for their curse.

This, of course, has lead many – who dont know the history – to believe that the name “Kithicor” is sunonomous with evil and undead..

the Legion of Kithicor, led by Jethal Silverwing tried to clear is good name, bring peace to the Fallen, and seek vengance upon those who caused such great suffering..

Now here, in the ruins of a shattered land – all who follow Lucan and bring evil to the lands will have time to only utter one name before they fall.. KITHICOR