Jethal’s Masks


Though Jethal is strong in body; the simple fact of the matter is, he is highly susceptible to mental attacks – Empathic, Coercion, Psionic, etc.

To fend off such attacks, Jethal commissioned to have a set of masks made, the lining of which are covered in magical runes, which when worn – activates a shield against said attacks.

Though not foolproof, they are highly effective against those who attempt to take control of his mind. And make no mistake, every mask Jethal wears, has these protective runes.

While wearing them, he is not only protected, but nearly impossible to detect using psionic, telepathic or empathic abilities – this of course, may give him away as being protected.. and has been known to make empaths uncomfortable around him, as they cannot detect his emotional state.

Jethal has a wide variety of masks, of all different colors and designs, to match his ever expanding wardrobe. Not only practical, for their shielding abilities.. the masks have become a trademark, for he is never seen without one. It is even a rare occasion that even his wife, Elquinjena, would see his face.