Cover Songs

Jethal and Co On Stage

All credit to the Original Artists, this is no more than Karaoke for me.

30,000 Pounds of BananasJethal6.20 MB4:27 Play
Aint No GraveJethal Silverwing3.95 MB2:53 Play
Always on my MindMatt St Gelais5.31 MB3:49 Play
Amos MosesMatt St Gelais3.34 MB2:24 Play
Angel of the MorningJethal Silverwing5.52 MB4:01 Play
Annie's SongJethal Silverwing4.18 MB3:02 Play
ComingJethal Silverwing6.41 MB4:40 Play
As the World Falls DownMatt St Gelais5.56 MB4:01 Play
Bark at the Moon - CoverMatt St Gelais5.84 MB4:15 Play
Behind the Wall of SleepMatt St Gelais4.68 MB3:22 Play
Bright EyesJethal Silverwing5.39 MB3:56 Play
Broken out in LoveMatt St Gelais5.06 MB3:41 Play
Bye Bye LoveJethal Silverwing3.14 MB2:17 Play
Call MeMatt St Gelais5.09 MB3:40 Play
Call Me Little SunshineJethal Silverwing5.29 MB3:51 Play
Can you picture that?Jethal Silverwing3.59 MB2:33 Play
Captain HowdyJethal Silverwing5.04 MB3:40 Play
Cats in the CradleMatt St Gelais4.79 MB4:08 Play
Comfortably NumbMatt St Gelais8.96 MB6:31 Play
Dance MacabreJethal Silverwing5.00 MB3:39 Play
DangerousJethal Silverwing5.12 MB3:44 Play
Darkening of the LightJethal Silverwing4.66 MB3:23 Play
Daydream BelieverJethal Silverwing2.93 MB3:07 Play
deargodJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:38 Play
Dont you forget about meJethal Silverwing5.96 MB4:20 Play
Dont you want meJethal Silverwing5.50 MB4:00 Play
Edward2023Jethal Silverwing8.37 MB6:06 Play
Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)Matt St Gelais5.32 MB3:52 Play
Falling In Love With You (2016)Matt St Gelais4.14 MB3:00 Play
Feed Me (Little Shop)Jethal Silverwing3.58 MB3:49 Play
Gently Johnny (The Wicker Man)Jethal Silverwing3.63 MB2:39 Play
Gods and MonstersJethal Silverwing5.56 MB4:03 Play
The Graveyard WaltzJethal Silverwing7.44 MB5:25 Play
He IsJethal Silverwing5.96 MB4:17 Play
Highway to HellMatt St Gelais4.26 MB3:06 Play
House of the Rising SunMatt St Gelais4.16 MB3:01 Play
Hungry like the WolfJethal Silverwing4.90 MB3:34 Play
Hunter's MoonJethal Silverwing4.50 MB3:17 Play
I'm going to go back there some dayJethal Silverwing4.01 MB2:55 Play
I can't fight this feeling anymoreJethal Silverwing6.75 MB4:55 Play
In the MoviesJethal Silverwing3.60 MB2:37 Play
Insomnia Always WinsJethal Silverwing5.23 MB3:48 Play
I still believeMatt St Gelais7.72 MB5:35 Play
It's a SinMatt St Gelais7.06 MB5:08 Play
I want you gone (The Portal 2 Song)Matt St Gelais3.37 MB2:25 Play
Jack's LamentJethal Silverwing4.45 MB3:14 Play
Lady DiamondJethal Silverwing6.33 MB4:36 Play
Life EternalJethal Silverwing4.88 MB3:33 Play
Magic ReindeerJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:37 Play
Mary on a CrossJethal Silverwing5.63 MB4:06 Play
Mary on a Cross - acousticJethal Silverwing5.49 MB4:00 Play
Music of the Night 2023Jethal Silverwing7.35 MB5:21 Play
Nature Trail to HellJethal Silverwing8.19 MB5:58 Play
Neverending Story 4.71 MB3:26 Play
Old Fashioned Love SongJethal Silverwing4.38 MB3:11 Play
OLD SOULS 2024Jethal Silverwing3.74 MB2:43 Play
One Night StandJethal Silverwing4.76 MB2:36 Play
Ordinary ManJethal Silverwing6.89 MB5:01 Play
Phantom's Theme 230907 - POTPJethal Silverwing6.48 MB4:43 Play
Poems Prayers and PromisesJethal Silverwing7.91 MB4:16 Play
Poison - SCHIZSKIT and JETHALJethal Silverwing6.48 MB4:43 Play
Puttin on the RitzJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:37 Play
Queen of HeartsJethal Silverwing4.18 MB3:03 Play
Rhymes and Reason 4.46 MB3:15 Play
Ring of Fire 2024Jethal Silverwing3.90 MB2:50 Play
RockyMountainHigh2023Jethal Silverwing7.10 MB5:10 Play
Runaround SueJethal Silverwing4.24 MB3:05 Play
Song of the Lonely MountainJethal Silverwing6.43 MB4:40 Play
Square HammerJethal Silverwing5.54 MB3:58 Play
stayJethal Silverwing5.50 MB4:00 Play
Storybook LoveJethal Silverwing5.38 MB3:55 Play
Summer of 69Jethal Silverwing4.55 MB3:19 Play
Tear Drop (Instrumental Cover)Jethal Silverwing4.74 MB3:27 Play
Talking In Your SleepJethal Silverwing5.46 MB3:58 Play
That's not how the Story GoesMatt St Gelais3.44 MB2:30 Play
The Cockroach that Ate CincinnatiMatt St Gelais2.97 MB2:10 Play
The Eagle and the HawkJethal Silverwing5.43 MB2:58 Play
The Elf KnightJethal Silverwing14.28 MB7:48 Play
Take the Knight Bus HarryMatt St Gelais4.90 MB3:32 Play
The LookJethal Silverwing5.36 MB3:54 Play
The OneJethal Silverwing8.09 MB5:53 Play
The One I loved back then 3.43 MB2:30 Play
The Oogie Boogie SongJethal Silverwing3.09 MB3:17 Play
This NightJethal Silverwing4.27 MB3:06 Play
Trust MeMatt St Gelais2.91 MB2:04 Play
Wicked GameJethal Silverwing5.50 MB3:56 Play
Wishing you were somehow here Again 3.98 MB2:54 Play
Year ZeroJethal Silverwing6.44 MB4:38 Play
You Will Burn 2023Jethal Silverwing6.72 MB4:54 Play
PropaneJethal Silverwing5.02 MB3:36 Play