Jethal’s Songs

On the stage

Jethal Silverwing is a Parody and Filk artist, specializing in songs related to MMO Gaming, specifically the EverQuest2 Community and has been recording songs since 2001, when his (then) roomate told him to “Record it, or shut the hell up”.

Want to use Jethal’s Songs in a video you’re making? I have no problem with that, under two conditions.

  1. Give credit where credit is due..
    • At the end of your video, please place the text.. “Song by Jethal Silverwing –”
  2. Let me know
    • Your video may end up being listed as a “Fan Video” on the site here.

If you’d like to Download the files, instead of streaming them… Right-Click the play icon, and “save as..”

(I Just) Died in the Fens TonightJethal Silverwing5.40 MB3:52 Play
(If the Gods could) Raid like UsJethal Silverwing5.85 MB4:12 Play
(The Ranger's) CrazyJethal Silverwing4.59 MB3:17 Play
(There's no rain in) AntonicaJethal Silverwing6.33 MB4:33 Play
Addicted to JumJethal Silverwing5.72 MB4:06 Play
All about the Platium (EQ2)Jethal Silverwing5.09 MB3:39 Play
Back to EverquestJethal Silverwing5.61 MB4:50 Play
Bad Group InstanceJethal Silverwing5.61 MB4:02 Play
Battle MaceJethal Silverwing5.67 MB4:04 Play
Big BagsJethal Silverwing4.13 MB2:59 Play
Blackguard's BackJethal Silverwing3.22 MB3:55 Play
Brand New PaladinJethal Silverwing4.87 MB3:29 Play
Breaking the NDAJethal Silverwing4.71 MB3:22 Play
Brell's Magic KegJethal Silverwing3.50 MB3:00 Play
Brenlo's SongJethal Silverwing5.38 MB4:38 Play
Burning BlackburrowJethal Silverwing3.54 MB3:47 Play
Butcherblock BayJethal Silverwing2.81 MB2:59 Play
Can't Mez ThisJethal Silverwing6.00 MB4:19 Play
Castle MistmooreJethal Silverwing6.61 MB4:49 Play
Close the Bar (Here comes the Halflings)Jethal Silverwing3.20 MB3:25 Play
Cream for your FaceJethal Silverwing3.75 MB2:40 Play
Crimson CloversJethal Silverwing4.18 MB2:59 Play
Cybersex MistellJethal Silverwing5.16 MB3:42 Play
Dark Elf Girl (brown eyed girl)Jethal Silverwing4.67 MB3:21 Play
Dark Elf Girl (uptown)Jethal Silverwing4.56 MB3:16 Play
Dark Elf WizardJethal Silverwing6.33 MB4:33 Play
Den Mom (2012)Jethal Silverwing4.77 MB3:25 Play
Don't Steal Our CheeseJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:34 Play
Don't Steal my NodeJethal Silverwing4.46 MB3:11 Play
Don't forget the RangerJethal Silverwing5.97 MB4:17 Play
Dragon Raiding TonightJethal Silverwing4.61 MB3:18 Play
Drunk in a Tavern with YouJethal Silverwing4.58 MB3:17 Play
Epic MobsJethal Silverwing3.77 MB2:41 Play
Eve of ExpansionJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:34 Play
EverQuest FantasyJethal Silverwing4.15 MB2:58 Play
Eyes of BeholderJethal Silverwing5.83 MB4:11 Play
FIPPY!! (SOE Live 2014 Version)Jethal Silverwing7.06 MB3:51 Play
FIPPY (Remastered 2023)Jethal Silverwing5.57 MB4:03 Play
FIPPY (live)Jethal Silverwing4.14 MB4:26 Play
Fabled EpicsJethal Silverwing4.11 MB2:56 Play
Falling off the EdgeJethal Silverwing4.77 MB3:25 Play
Fayberry WineJethal Silverwing6.44 MB4:38 Play
Faydark FallingJethal Silverwing4.04 MB4:20 Play
Fields are Burning (The Doomfire Song)Jethal Silverwing6.28 MB4:14 Play
Fire Beetle EyesJethal Silverwing3.50 MB3:44 Play
Five Hundred ClustersJethal Silverwing5.05 MB3:37 Play
Fly Away (The Griffon Song)Jethal Silverwing5.51 MB3:57 Play
Fly Away (The Griffon Song)Jethal Silverwing5.50 MB3:57 Play
FroglokHero VideoFinalJethal Silverwing3.32 MB2:25 Play
GNOOBJethal Silverwing3.41 MB2:26 Play
Ganster HalflingsJethal Silverwing3.45 MB2:27 Play
Gate Back (To where your toon spawned from)Jethal Silverwing4.14 MB3:00 Play
Get this Goblin off meJethal Silverwing6.22 MB4:28 Play
Gimme all your PlatinumJethal Silverwing4.60 MB3:21 Play
Gnoll Box HeroJethal Silverwing3.36 MB2:27 Play
Goodbye to LandmarkJethal Silverwing3.61 MB2:38 Play
Greater Faydark GirlsJethal Silverwing3.96 MB2:49 Play
GreenJethal Silverwing3.61 MB2:34 Play
Greensleeves (Clockwork)Jethal Silverwing2.82 MB2:03 Play
Grimfeather hunts tonightJethal Silverwing3.96 MB2:50 Play
Halflings love to SnackJethal Silverwing4.10 MB2:56 Play
Has anyone seen my corpse?Jethal Silverwing4.05 MB2:53 Play
Heal Me Baby One More TimeJethal Silverwing4.33 MB2:59 Play
Healer's DownJethal Silverwing5.38 MB3:52 Play
High End NorrathianJethal Silverwing4.17 MB2:59 Play
High PassJethal Silverwing5.06 MB5:26 Play
Home to the FaydarkJethal Silverwing6.38 MB4:35 Play
Hunting GreenJethal Silverwing3.61 MB2:37 Play
Hunting in AntonicaJethal Silverwing5.10 MB3:39 Play
Hunting in AntonicaJethal Silverwing4.96 MB3:33 Play
Hunting the Great DivideJethal Silverwing6.16 MB4:29 Play
I Am IronforgeJethal Silverwing6.62 MB4:46 Play
I CANT STAY IN QEYNOS ANYMOREJethal Silverwing6.84 MB4:55 Play
I Craft (The Tradeskill Apprentice Song)Jethal Silverwing5.51 MB4:00 Play
I Love AltsJethal Silverwing4.41 MB3:09 Play
I Miss the FayberriesJethal Silverwing4.33 MB3:06 Play
I Want ShiniesJethal Silverwing4.06 MB2:57 Play
I hunt aloneJethal Silverwing6.07 MB4:22 Play
I love Hunting GnollsJethal4.22 MB3:01 Play
I love our Raiding NightsJethal Silverwing3.21 MB3:25 Play
I nuked myselfJethal Silverwing5.29 MB3:48 Play
IrresistibleJethal Silverwing5.94 MB4:16 Play
It's Raining Blood!Jethal Silverwing3.85 MB2:45 Play
I think I'm a Gnome NowJethal Silverwing2.67 MB2:16 Play
I think I'm a Gnome NowJethal Silverwing5.41 MB3:53 Play
I wanna kill an OwlbearJethal Silverwing5.01 MB3:36 Play
I want a new MercJethal Silverwing4.17 MB2:59 Play
I want that RockJethal Silverwing3.17 MB3:22 Play
I want to be a GnollJethal Silverwing3.57 MB2:33 Play
Just can't wait for that ding!Jethal Silverwing4.52 MB3:14 Play
Knights of the Holy StormJethal Silverwing2.16 MB3:02 Play
Legends of NorrathJethal Silverwing5.05 MB3:37 Play
Let Them GoJethal Silverwing5.24 MB3:44 Play
Let me DingJethal Silverwing5.95 MB4:16 Play
Levels that end in 5Jethal Silverwing3.70 MB2:38 Play
Loot DropsJethal Silverwing5.30 MB3:48 Play
Lost Hamster WheelJethal Silverwing5.14 MB3:41 Play
Mmm Mmm My...Jethal Silverwing5.45 MB3:55 Play
Mushroom hatJethal Silverwing4.86 MB3:29 Play
My Trip to FreeportJethal Silverwing4.55 MB3:15 Play
NecroMancing2015Jethal Silverwing4.54 MB3:18 Play
Never Group TogetherJethal Silverwing4.55 MB3:19 Play
Night Elf ParadiseJethal Silverwing3.71 MB3:58 Play
Nights of the Dead 2018Jethal Silverwing5.46 MB3:51 Play
Norrathian HolidaysJethal Silverwing5.55 MB4:02 Play
Norrathian Pie (2012)Jethal Silverwing11.91 MB8:37 Play
Not Wanted In Your Group AnymoreJethal Silverwing5.67 MB4:04 Play
Obsessed with EverQuestJethal Silverwing4.64 MB3:19 Play
One Night in FreeportJethal Silverwing6.97 MB5:01 Play
One Quest Leads to AnotherJethal Silverwing4.20 MB3:00 Play
Our Group's in JeopardyJethal Silverwing4.50 MB3:13 Play
Play with me NowJethal Silverwing4.08 MB2:55 Play
Poetry in MotionJethal Silverwing5.79 MB4:09 Play
Qeynos RocksJethal Silverwing5.09 MB3:39 Play
Ranger's Paradise (EQ1)Jethal Silverwing5.38 MB3:51 Play
Ranger's Paradise (EQ2)Jethal Silverwing3.49 MB2:29 Play
Rangers Paradise (2012)Jethal Silverwing5.39 MB3:52 Play
Revenge of the ClockworkJethal Silverwing3.73 MB2:02 Play
Rez Me MaybeJethal Silverwing4.55 MB3:15 Play
Rock the Greater FaydarkJethal Silverwing4.27 MB3:03 Play
Rolled that Way (Country Mix)Jethal Silverwing4.91 MB3:35 Play
Rolling StonesJethal Silverwing4.07 MB2:54 Play
Rosalies Boat 2023Jethal Silverwing5.45 MB3:58 Play
RyGorr (convoy)Jethal Silverwing4.12 MB4:25 Play
Same old Hack and SlashJethal Silverwing4.27 MB3:03 Play
Secret Agent HamsterJethal Silverwing3.33 MB2:22 Play
Seven Elven AngelsJethal Silverwing3.05 MB3:15 Play
She Thinks My Ranger's SexyJethal Silverwing5.92 MB4:19 Play
Shinies on the RoadJethal Silverwing4.96 MB3:33 Play
Sixteen QuestsJethal Silverwing3.69 MB2:38 Play
Smells like Gnoll DroppingsJethal Silverwing6.46 MB4:39 Play
Somewhere I used to GoJethal Silverwing5.74 MB4:07 Play
Soot FootJethal Silverwing5.41 MB3:53 Play
Spiking Lag!Jethal Silverwing5.05 MB3:37 Play
Spirit of the WolfJethal Silverwing4.92 MB3:32 Play
Stein full of AleJethal Silverwing4.98 MB3:34 Play
Still Alilve (The Klakanon Song)Jethal Silverwing4.09 MB2:59 Play
Stop Looting While Im DeadJethal Silverwing4.88 MB3:33 Play
Sweet Home Greater FaydarkJethal Silverwing6.94 MB5:00 Play
Sympathy for the BrownieJethal Silverwing8.09 MB5:50 Play
Talk like RatongansJethal Silverwing4.78 MB3:25 Play
Thank Heaven for Woodelf GirlsJethal Silverwing4.17 MB2:59 Play
The AdventurersJethal Silverwing5.08 MB3:41 Play
The City of MistJethal Silverwing3.21 MB2:17 Play
The Fancy GirlsJethal Silverwing4.17 MB3:02 Play
The Faydark GreenJethal Silverwing8.31 MB4:32 Play
The Faydark GreenJethal Silverwing5.98 MB4:18 Play
The GamerJethal Silverwing4.27 MB3:03 Play
The GreenskinsJethal Silverwing6.48 MB4:40 Play
The Halfling AnthemJethal Silverwing3.95 MB2:49 Play
The History of NorrathJethal Silverwing6.34 MB4:34 Play
The Isle of KithicorJethal Silverwing4.67 MB3:23 Play
The Landmark (game) SongJethal Silverwing4.30 MB3:08 Play
The Legend of KithicorJethal Silverwing5.94 MB4:19 Play
The Legion of KithicorJethal Silverwing4.91 MB3:31 Play
The MentorJethal Silverwing4.37 MB3:45 Play
The Night Smedly Went UberJethal Silverwing5.70 MB4:06 Play
The Night the Servers went down at SonyJethal Silverwing5.38 MB3:52 Play
The RangerJethal Silverwing4.48 MB3:12 Play
The Rending (Farewell Greater Faydark)Jethal Silverwing6.38 MB4:35 Play
The Wreck of the StormbreakerJethal Silverwing6.27 MB6:46 Play
Tonight (I'm Tracking You)Jethal Silverwing5.45 MB3:55 Play
Troll is the WordJethal Silverwing4.56 MB3:16 Play
Vox and NagafenJethal Silverwing6.73 MB4:42 Play
Way PointsJethal Silverwing5.25 MB3:46 Play
Welcome to the FaydarkJethal Silverwing6.38 MB4:35 Play
What Clockworks SayJethal Silverwing4.81 MB3:29 Play
Who let the Gnolls Out?Jethal Silverwing4.07 MB3:29 Play
Wonderful World (Evil)Jethal Silverwing5.33 MB3:49 Play
XP Debt on the RiseJethal Silverwing3.34 MB2:22 Play
You Made it Go (The Camp Stealing Song)Jethal Silverwing4.53 MB3:15 Play