The Legion’s Forest


The Legion of Kithicor’s Guild Hall is located off the Antonica Docks.

About the Hall.

The Legion of Kithicor’s Forest does not actually exist off the coast of Antonica.  It is, in fact, a secret and hidden forest – the location of which is kept secret by our members and secured by the spirits of those who have gone before us.

About the Castle

As you enter the guild hall, you will find the Memorial of Liliandra – a fallen friend who’s player (Aaron) died in the real world in 2009.  This is the entirety of the contents of the Castle.  The Castle does Not exist within the boundaries of the Legion’s Forest.

About the Forest

Through force of will and at great expense of energy, Jethal Silverwing summoned forth the Legion Forest, an incarnation of the Forest of Kithicor.  Those sensitive to spiritual energy may sense the presence of sinister dark forces.  Not entirely evil, but certainly not all good.

  • The Great Tree is a central hub, well within walking distance of our Bank, Merchants, Crafting area, Camp site and the Kithicor Memorial
  • The Meeting Circle is where the Legion gathers for Ceremony and important business.
  • The Lake provides all transportation needs for our members.  Druid Ring, Wizard Spires and the Captain of our Boat will take you to any dock
  • The Arena houses a large combat area for the practice of your skills, chose between a practice dummy, or have Scarlet summon a beast
  • The Skyclad Shores is a nice place to relax by the beach.  Go for a swim, enjoy a beverage.. check to see if the Turtle is done cooking
  • The Mage Tower houses our Library and our members may research advanced scrolls with Maewynn
  • The Sauna is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of hunting and quest.  Remember, we are all adults – Clothing is optional.

There are a few camps scattered throughout the landscape, you are welcome to wander and visit the entire forest at your leisure.