Legion of Kithicor


General Information:

  • Guild Name:  Legion of Kithicor
  • Game Server:  Antonia Bayle
  • In-Game OOC Channel:  lokooc (if from another sony game: eq2.antonia_bayle.lokooc)
  • EQ2Players URL:  http://eq2players.station.sony.com/Guild/1940104/
  • Creation Date:  June 6, 2006 (6/6/6)
  • Guild Website:  http://www.kithicor.org
  • Guild Forums:  http://forum.kithicor.org

Ranks and Structure

  • Recruits are placed into an initiate pack, called the Scouts, until they earn their promotion to ranking member.
  • The Legion is our common rank and is shared by all non-officers
  • The High Council are trusted members of the Legion who answer Only to the Guild Leaders
  • The Guild Leaders, known as the Bow of Kithicor are the final word.

How we Role

  • The Legion of Kithicor is defined as “Chaotic Good”
    • We are willing to do whatever it takes, including breaking laws, as long as it is for the greater good.
    • Killing, destruction, torture or kidnapping, without just cause, will mean expulsion from the guild.
  • The Legion of Kithicor is a Mature Rated Guild
    • Adult language may be used
    • Adult Situations may Occur, such as
      • Open Flirtation
      • Public Displays of Affection
      • Sexual Activities between consenting adults
        • We ask that all sexual activity be kept private and discrete
        • The Guild Spa and Hot Tub areas are Open for Adult activity… you’ve been warned.