Brells and beyond


well brell’s is done and up, sat on the thing for a couple weeks after I had finished editing it. Wanted to release it as close to brell’s day as we possibly could. Seems everyone had a great time being it and most are enjoying it.

Though I drag my self over the coals through the whole process. Thinking about shots, framing, timing, lighting. How can I make this better than the last one. What funny twists can I work into it. Will anyone really notice Dufoo staring up at Zan’s boob during the bar scene?

I know in a few months I will look back on this and see stuff I could have done better. So far today, Faydark girls tends to be my favorite, it really came out nice. Though, Jethal questioned my sanity when I suggested he make a parody of that old Maurice Chevalier song. Once I tied him to the chair and played it for him, over and over …he played around with it and decided I had not lost all my marbles.

*drums fingers on desk while looking over script/story board for next video*
Part of me is not sure this is going to work well. Oh I have shots in mind already, images of artful fades and vision combines but, funny? Not sure what I can do to add a twisting plot to this next song of his. Don’t get me wrong the song is great and funny, but I want to put a little spin on it. Just not sure what yet.

*hears tapping on the screen* oh ? you want to know what is next? ah well …what the poll on kithicor said..the one that people voted for….dark elf girl…

Author: Elquinjena