Race to the Ding


OK, kithicor.org did their own experiment to see how far we could get in 8 hours, this past weekend.  And here’s the results.

  • Arasai Shadowknight
  • Starting at 12 Noon, Jan 16 2010
  • EverQuest II with +40% Bonus
  • Mentored by 5 group mates:  +15% Bonus
  • Experience Potions giving:  +65% Bonus
  • One Character at 80 on the account (Jethal): +10% Bonus

Level 40 in 8 Hours of Play time.  Considering that the guy who got to level 80 in 7 hours used a Double XP Bonus Weekend, and the “Invite a friend” bonus.. I think we did fairly well.  Next Double XP Weekend, we’ll pushing the Arasai up to max level.. after Jethal that is (hehe)

Author: Jethal