Prexus Washes SOE Away!


The God Prexus has unleashed his wrath at SOE campus this week, with a unending down pour of rain!

Naylie has posted some pictures of the growing lake which is now forming in the SOE parking lot, threating to turn everyone’s car into a boat.
There is NO safe place which the hard workers at SOE can escape the unrestrained fury of Prexus! Even their cubicles are in danger of being swept away.

With the new Expansion on the horzon,  Sentinel’s Fate, it is unknown IF the god Prexus will be placed among the honored gods of Norrath.

If the current soggy state of the SOE campus is any idea, then they have once again ignored the god of the oceans.
Woe be to those who have ignored the return of this god to the lands of Norrath in Everquest 2, the oceans will rise again to consume those who are unworthy and embrace the faithful.
Please, for the love of all things holy and Jum-Jum pies, someone do something to appease this god and quickly, before the servers are washed away!   Throw some water wings on Brenlo and send him out into the storm to make peace with this god!
Until then, WE of the great northwest will be keeping your sun!

( in all honestly I do hope everyone down in South Cal will be safe, warm and dry and lack any mudslides in your area)

Author: Elquinjena