The Jethal Show – Loss and Memorial


The Jethal Silverwing Show will not be seen this week, as we mourn the loss of one of our own.  Aaron, aka “Drelnza, Breyn, Jelila, Daniela, Lilandria, Lynariel” – passed on due to a heart attack Jan 21st 2010, and honestly, we’re just not feeling the “funny” right now.

Our hearts go out to the members of the Legion of Kithicor, Archane Masters and others who may have raided with and known our fallen friend.

We will be gathering for an in-game Memorial this saturday the 30th,  at 6pm eastern at the home of Lilandria – 5 Erollisi Lane, South Qeynos (antonia bayle).. all well-wishers are welcome.

Here are some of the announcements we were going to bring to the show…

Birthdays: (Cue the Trolls!! – MP3)

  • Happy Birthday to Hoopy, of the Legion of Kithicor
  • Happy Birthday to Surgen, of the Legion of Kithicor
  • Happy Birthday to Uzrok, Avengers of Virtue


  • Eency Weency Spider – tonight at 9pm Eastern – 4 Bayle Court, South Qeynos under “TheSpider” – Rough and Tumble Tavern owned by the Vagabond Knights
  • Psia’s Hammer – tonight at 11pm Eastern – Nettleville Inn, Qeynos under “PsiasHammer” – Norrath’s Premiere Kerra Club.. all races welcome, open Stage – try the Milk-Plus
  • Jethal’s New Club – Full Moon Rising – tomorrow (wednesday) night at 10:30pm Eastern.. Gorowyn, Timorous Heights under “FullMoonRising” – Club for those who play Vampires, Lycans and Other NPC Races.

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