EQ2: No Love For Erollisi


Erollisi was dead: to begin with. 
There is no doubt whatever about that. 
The register of her burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. 
The Dev’s signed it: and the Dev’s names was good upon ‘Change, for anything they chose to put a hand to. 
Erollisi Marr was as dead as a door-nail.

Well it was good enough for Dickens so I figured I would try it. *shrugs*
Don’t roll over in your grave there Charles, really I do respect your work, it just seemed so fitting.

Erollisi day is here with a couple new quests, along with the old ones, roses to gather and hand out for titles and of course items to buy and craft. For crafting check out Den Mum’s page! Also you can hop over to Zam for quest info.

Most people will rush out and run through the content never bothering to read what is going on, and what is going on during a usual happy event is sadness

The Sisters of Erollisi even state how sad they are if you speak with them

Even the Priestess is full of grief.

I first started with the quest giver who can be found outside the north Qeynos Gates in Antonica.

This point of a replacement for Erollisi has been brought up in the lore channel (befallen.lore) that there might be a chance for another to take her place. Here you can see it being mentioned …” a planar successor”

He goes on giving us hope that maybe if we spread enough love, Erollisi would know and feel it.

Anything is worth a shot, but you will have to read what he says next for your self. It was a red herring, bate and switch. The attempt to make us feel better even though she is gone.

I then headed out to the Costal Grove to see the Sisters of Erollisi, and like I said before, they are also having a hard time.

The most comfort we can get is to Cope with what has happen to Erollisi.  Sadly, the new quest places an even darker cloud over Erollisi day. The lesson we learn is Treachery, it is through the high priestess of treachery do we learn how much darker things really are.

Could it be true? Is Hate now stronger than Love?

Oh Well……….. at least there is a new book to collect!!

gotta love new books even if they are about hate and murder.

To get out your frustrations we get  a chance to go plunk arrows into people

Wow look at this guy!! I shoot him in the neck and he still loves me!!

You can shoot  most animals around Antonica as well, make a pack of Love bears if you like. The only ones I could not use my cupid like bow on were cows,  I guess cows in love is not a good thing.

For shits and giggles, I tried it on some gnolls too, ah love is in the air when you hear the yips, yaps and growls of gnolls in love.

But truly I came away from the event with a sadden heart. I enjoyed doing the old match making quest, and the slick one liner quest, and will look forward to handing out roses for the various titles, but that one quest which gives you a book for your house seemed to prove that Hate is stronger than Love.

Well I guess this Erollisi day is really one for the Freeport / Neriak folk who like dark dramas.


The Dev’s are yanking our chains hard, and with the coming Halas area, we might find something of the Goddess there. Those in the know about lore, will know that Erollisi took refuge in Everfrost and started the race of barbarians. She might just return to the one place she felt was her home away from home.
Another wait and see but I am honestly not getting my hopes up.

Until then…………. here have a rose

I only have 499 more to give out.

Author: Elquinjena