EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate:Like a Fine Wine


EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate is like a fine wine.

We waited a very long time for a new expansion. The EQ2 team worked long and hard on this, crafting something of true beauty. The same loving care that fine wines get, time, attention and some aging.

It is Bright = the art worked is incredible, the details are outstanding. The vistas are breathtaking.

It has lovely leg = we have waited for this for so long with so many lead ups to it, Sentinel’s Fate is on everyone’s mind. From new crafting items to all the new zones and everything in between.

It has a beautiful bouquet = the zones are spacious, movement is instantaneous from one launching pad to another.

It’s full bodied = so many quests and I am just scratching the surface with the beginning ones in Paineel

That is one thing that really must be done, this expansion should be SAVORED!!!
Slip by slip, quest by quest, stop here and there to gather and harvest!

Sadly some are not, they are guzzling it down like a cheap bottle of Thunderbird!


I understand that some people are driven to be first in discoveries and in levels, but at days end of the new release I heard that a few people had already reached level 90, my mouth dropped open. I shook my head when I heard there were also a few guilds which were now maxed out.

It was like placing a finely crafted, rich meal before a starving man, who then gobbles the whole repast down with out ever tasting one bite. I can understand that people have gone so long with out advancing that many just saved up all of their collection turn-ins, and guilds stock piled rewards and status items to turn in at a time when it would count. I just never expected this content to be blown through so quickly, even through these means.

I expected the climb to level 90 in player terms and guild to be a long time coming. Not painfully slow leveling but something that would take some time in the doing.

Now that these players and guilds are maxed out, will they still go back and revisit the content? or just skip it all and go after the ubar loot, focusing only on the higher level raiding content.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not jealous of them. I do not envy them, nor wish I had done the same. I am truly sad for them, while I have a whole expansion head of me, all new discoveries, new npc’s to meet, faction to build, treasures to find and craft. Not to mention the story line to unfold of how the heck did they blow them selves up or how they have faired all these years. I figure I have quite a few months of quality entertainment ahead of me. Stuff to truly look forward to on a daily basis.

I should mention here that so far I have NOT had to run off to any walk-through, the quest lines are wonderful and I am having no problem figuring out who to see or where to go. The beginning quests really teach you the lay of the city.

So for me, I will take my full glass of Sentinel’s Fate and slip it, enjoying each mouth full. Go ahead and gulp yours down if you want, ding 81, 82 and beyond, and I am happy for you!

For me, I want to have some cheese and crackers, so I will stay in Paineel till my faction is maxed and then move on. Doing both adventure quests and crafting quests with a few writs thrown in for good measure.

I am sure I will catch up to you in time.

*hosts glass in air to toast you*

Author: Elquinjena