Brew Day is upon us!


That’s right all!  Brewday is back in Norrath, so break out your favourite ale mug and come out to celebrate!  There are many returning features and some all new stuff that’s going to make you glad you’re friends with Brell!

Returning Features:

  • “Snoogle’s Presentation” has new rewards!
  • “Beers for Brell!” has a “brave” new reward!
  • “Brell’s Everlasting Brew” has a new house item!
  • “Ale Goggles” has a new (and highly recommended) reward!

New Features:

  • In-game mail to invite you out to celebrate!
  • New craftables and supplies!
  • New quests with awesome rewards!
Outside Qeynos
Brew Day Cloak
The Brew Day Pack
Hanging Keg
Celing Keg
Brew Day Carpet
Brew Day Tapestry
Chess Board
The Band!

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Author: Jethal