New Song Released!


With the Brew Day festival going on, we have a nice set of quests to partake of, and a few of them have us going around harvesting for ingredients, the rare of which is the Emerald Clover.  So, I present the 2010 Brew Day song.. Emerald Clovers (MP3 File HERE)!

Emerald Clovers, by Jethal Silverwing
– Parody of Crimson & Clover by The Shondells

Well I went rushing over
to Valla Brewhammer..
Now I’m a Harvesting Rover..

With Ale Goggles on ya..
Gather Hops and Grapes for her..
Searching Field, hills and Boulder..
For Emerald Clover..

Her Ale’s such a sweet drink
Make you Fuzzy, ya can’t think
But it soon may be over..
Emerald Clovers..
Harvest Over and over..

Emerald Clover, Over and Over

Author: Jethal