New Song Release!


Ever been in a big hurry, running around doing quests in Paineel and …just happened to miss the corner and send yourself plummeting to your death?  We Have, and Jethal proudly presents his latest musical tribute…

Falling Off the Edge (MP3 Download)
– parody of “Living on the Edge” by Aerosmith

There’s something wrong in Paineel, they way
The drop off’s looking grim
You’re in for a rude surprise

Taking your fate by the hands
Every corner that you miss
My life flashed before my eyes..

Now you’re fallin off the Edge!

I’m bringing news to the Moonfield Camp
Hunting Kobalts and their kin
Getting knocked back and Iii…

Running and dodging Void men
Pay attention to where you’ve been
One misstep and you’ll see why..

You’re Fallin off the Edge!

Tell me, what happened to Feather Fall, Safe Fall
Thinkin your Safe, but baby I’ve
got some terrible neeeews


Tripped on a pebble got your little heart racing
Flailing your arms but soon be facing
A fall that wont end – you’re finished my friend
Falling and Falling and Falling and Then..

They gotta put something at the drop
A Sign, a Guard for a Fence
Nothin at all, we’re gonna Fall
Just lookin over, gotta change my pants



The Fae’s cant stop the Fallin
Safe fall wont help you at allll

Author: Jethal