Review: Kick Ass


This weekend, Elquin Eric and I had the opportunity to go see the new movie “KICK ASS” and I have to say.. It.. well.. Kicked some Ass!

Story goes like this.. Comic book nerd wonders what it’d be like to actually be a Super Hero.. or just “hero” because he has no super powers.. anyways.. now under his persona “kick ass”, this comic book nerd becomes a youtube phenomenon and attracts the attention of other “heroes” and some villains as well..

I had the good fortune to find the comic book online and I have to say that they stayed true to, oh i’d say, 90% of the original story.. with only slight changes with Big Daddy and Hit Girl’s motives.

WARNING!!  This movie is not for the squeamish or small children.  The violence is graphic and very brutal

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Author: Jethal