New Song! Dont Forget the Ranger


Jethal Silverwing proudly releases a New Song!

  • Don’t Forget the Ranger {MP3}
    • Parody of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis
    • A song about an Out-Of-Control Tank leading his group deep into trouble and repeatedly getting the Ranger killed.

Jump into the battle and fight
And we just might, Live for one more day
Our healers nervous, the Tanks in a Rage
Just ran over the mage
Gonna be a lousy day

Don’t what he’s thinkin, feelin tense
Cause his strat-e-gy will mean expensive mends
Steppin’ closer to a darkened room
He agro’d more through the door
I swear they’re clawing through the floor
and hell, Chanter n’Rangers going down

Ooooh, The Tank, he can’t wait
For power to save
He’ll just run into the fray..
and Ooooh, we’ll slip away,
but dont forget the Ranger
You’ll hear me say

He’s lead us deep where we cant find
A safe place to hide, Can’t escape away
We’ve put our lives in the hand
Of a raving mad man – OH, the ranger’s passed away

Taking up collectings for the mends
Should’ve buffed us up for defense
He’s posessed, nothing else makes sence
Triggered Traps on the Chests
Never let the healer rest
Our chanter’s back there pulling her hair out..

Author: Jethal