A close call and PITA

Jethal gets run down by dragon
Jethal & Toxxulia

All was quiet and none to exciting when I boarded the pad to fly from Toxx Forest back to Paineel, nothing really seemed out of the ordinary..  I was just about to pass old Toxx’s lair when all of a sudden a Roar and gust of wind shook the very canopy of trees and ground below as the mighty beast took to the sky and damned near sent me plummeting to the void below!

This has raised grave concerns for the safety of pad travel in the Sundered Frontier, as far as I’m concerned.  Who is really in control of these transportation pads.. who maps their flight path?  or are they just on their own, knowing only their destination?

Further investigations into the matter revealed that, yes, these pads ARE on a set path with a few degrees of leeway as a buffer for the uncharted movement of the floating islands, surrounding paineel.

The Paineel Intercontinental Transit Authority (PITA) places blame squarely on the shoulders of the carelessness of Dragons and other flighted beasts who need to… and I quote…

Recognize the Authority of the “PITA” and get their wing-ed posteriors out of “our” airspace.  or at least be courteous enough to give proper, written (or telepathic) notice to the “PITA” of any scheduled flights or air patrols.

This, of course, I found ridiculous, and simply a brush off from the Paineel Offices of PITA.

So, my advice to adventurers in the Sundered Frontiers.. keep your eyes and ears open, and get ready to duck at a moments notice.

Author: Jethal