Lovin the Druid Ring World Events


Out of all the “Lets get together and build this” world events that I have been able to be a part of ( missed out on the griffin towers, only) This new world event to bring druid rings to many of the land masses in Norrath has to be the best by far!

This one really promotes grouping, while still leaving the door open for solo people to have a good time too.
You can group up with one or two buddies or even up to a full group to run through the repeatable quests of finding rocks and killing drakes and get some bonus rewards, the more you have the better the rewards.

For a solo person you have to find smaller magilith rocks to collect, 6 or so in total. Drakes come at you 2 at a time and you need 9 of those. You get tokens when you turn in the quests.  Solo people also have a crafting quest using tier 2 harvest items (10-19), creating 6 items.

Now if you and a buddy or two grouped up, you can go after the massive rocks and everyone gets two of the needed quest rocks so a small group only have to harvest off of 3 massive magilith rocks to full fill that quest. On the drakes they come in 4’s, and a small chest will drop which has a extra flower token in it.

Now for the big haul, groups of 4 or more can harvest the mega magilith rocks, and here is the cool part: each person gets 3 rocks AND a free flower token!!  So harvest two mega magilith rocks and your done with that one. Oh but it gets better, when these 4 or more groups go after the drakes, it triggers of spawn of 4-5 drakes and a chest drops which gives everyone at least 4 more flower tokens!!

BAM! your done and time to ride back and do turn in’s and get some more.

Grouping up with 4 or more makes doing these world events fun and quick!! The bonus rewards for doing so make it a must for anyone who wants to collect tokens quickly.

I have also found that people are more willing to group up and start groups than ever before. Just show up and give out a shout saying your looking and I am sure you will get a few invites in no time. Or start your own group up, you will not have a hard time finding others.

Now on AB we have seen the druid rings going up faster than a prom dates skirt. The one in Nektulos Forest went up in a blink of an eye, we burned through the one which went into Zek, then Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Sinking Sands, Loping Plains, SkyFire in Jarsath Wastes and  as I write this, the one in Stonebrunt Highlands is  being completed.

At each one the token merchant offers items we have seen before at world events; invisible armor etc. There are 13 new items, a  blessed sapling, blessed shrubbery, at least 4 mini druid rings, Jewels of Growth and Balance, Male and Female Topiaric Mannequin and Wayfarer’s Boots. There are different ring to be bought at each of the new rings.

  • a black granite druid ring  16 Floret of Growth  Nektulos Forest
  • a sandstone druid ring  16 Floret of Growth  Zek, the Orcish Wastes
  • a white granite druid ring  16 Floret of Growth  Enchanted Lands
  • a verdant druid ring  16 Floret of Growth  The Feerrott
  • No replica!  N/A  The Sinking Sands
  • a gray granite druid ring  16 Floret of Growth  Loping Plains
  • No replica!  N/A Jarsath Wastes
  • A dark verdant druid ring 16 Floret of Growth Stonebrunt Highlands

Black Druid Ring
Black Druid Ring

Topiaric Mannequin
Topiaric Mannequin

Blessed Shrubbery
Blessed Shrubbery

The rings and the shrub will cost you 16 of the  Floret of Growth’s, while the a blessed sapling will cost you 50 of the Florets. Jewels are 7 each, Mannequin 20 and the boots are 27. So if you want to buy at least 1 of each of the new items you will need at least 227 Floret of Growths.

If you have missed any of the past rings, do not fear!
You can either join in at the current druid ring going up or wait till they are all up and go back to any you choose to do the quests and earn tokens at your leisure.
From what I understand, once all the rings are up, the druid npc’s who give out the quests will return to the rings allowing everyone who might have missed out a chance to do the quests and earn tokens, at least until the next game update comes along.

Author: Elquinjena