A Decade of the Demon


Jethal: A Decade of the Demon

I look back now at ten years of playing in Norrath.  Starting as a young Wood Elf Ranger in Kelethin, then bound to Rivervale because my roommate said it was the best over all place to start, and I have to agree.  I was a scout, officer and leader of the Knights of the Holy Storm, before ambition led me toward Epic Goals.  Then my fall from grace as my raiding guild drew swords against the Plane of Growth.. and I drew the line.  Unable to return to the Holy Storm, I decided to take my loss of Tunarian faction and use it to form the Legion of Kithicor.  I jumped to EverQuest II and continued the legacy of Kithicor until I became restless and jumped ship to World of Warcraft, which didn’t last long, and I returned to Norrath.  Where I remain to this day.

Ten Years.  Play time: 406 days (in game).  9,744 hours of Hunting, Questing and Socializing, in a virtual world – totaling $1,798.80 in subscription fees.  Is it worth the time and money?

In the past decade I have made countless friends.. A few enemies.. Found a niche and fanbase for my wacky antics with both my Parody Songs and live show on Online Gaming Radio and had a short run as a cartoonist.  Most importantly, all of these things brought me together with my wife, whom I met in Everquest (1).. I moved from New Hampshire to Washington to be with her and we were Married shortly after.  Yes.  Very much worth it.

There are some things that I find disturbing.. the fact that I can log into EverQuest(1) and roam my old stomping grounds and not see a single person for hours.  Even when I do see someone, they’re just running through or looking for some place to sit and chat without being disturbed. heh.  I’m finding less and less “ooo and ahhh” moments in later years.  Perhaps it’s my familiarity with Norrath – where “Oh Wow, look at that” turns into “yup, that’s kinda neat” or heaven forbid, “will you stop gawking and heal me!”.  I don’t want to be over content, where nothing phases me.  I want to be awe struck again.

I believe, the Knights of the Holy Storm vs the Children of Darkness, was the last time that /guildwar was declared in EverQuest 1 before the feature was removed from the game.  It was a great battle.  Both sides fought hard, and I remember myself chasing an Enchanter all over Nektulos Forest to keep him from mesmerizing our side.

I remember the green mist and swarms of bugs which plagued the Northern Plains of Karana.  I remember taking out Sir Lucan in Freeport.. without being told that doing so would make me “kill on sight” in the city for all time (oops)  I remember the wonder and excitement of scouting new lands, when I really should not have been anywhere near such places due to my low level (back when dying in game actually had consequences).

I would take this time to remind those reading this, to balance real life and your gaming life.  Too much time in game has consequences.  I’ve lost a few friends.. or more specifically, they lost me to the game.  Real Life Comes First.

Overall, I am very happy that I was dragged into Norrath (kicking and screaming I may add).  The friends I’ve met and the places I’ve gone, due to my involvement in Everquest and EverQuest2 – were well worth the time, money and effort.  And in my involvement in the SOE Community, I hope to make things better for my fellow players.

No matter what your race, religion, gender or nationality.. log in, have fun.  Because.. “You’re in our world Now”.  Welcome to Norrath.

Author: Jethal