Interview: Antonia Bayle


After years of cutting through red-tape, heartache and controversy.. This week, we sat down with Antonia Bayle, the sovereign of the City of Qeynos for a no-holds-barred interview.

As Antonia entered the room where I was to conduct my interview, guards stood at attention and a fanfare trumpeted, heralding her arrival.  I sat in awe of her poise and grace as she took her seat across from me.

Antonia Bayle
Antonia Bayle
Antonia Bayle
Antonia Bayle
Antonia Bayle

Queen Antonia, thank you so much for granting this interview

You’re most welcome, Jethal, I’m not always open to the public, for security concerns, I welcome this opportunity to talk with you.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to fore-go the usual questions about your title, where you came from.. that sort of thing.  I’d like to discuss a few issues that have come to light, lately.

Of course (Antonia nodded)

With the disappearance of Lucan deLere… what is the official stance on the city and citizens of Freeport, and the surrounding townships?

We, the people of Qeynos MUST see beyond any and all differences we may have held in the past.  I have great hope that the division between our two great cities could be healed in time.  Peace is the only option for the prosperity of all the peoples of Norrath.

And what of those who simply will not work toward peace?  There are those in Freeport who simply hate.. and I mean hate.. all Qeynosians, regardless of status, intent, or good will.

Sadly, there will always be those who will give in to hate, and believe the propaganda being spread of the “Evils” of Qeynos..

I happen to know several high profile citizens of Freeport, myself, who strive to maintain neutrality, especially in these unsure times.

And they have the thanks of all who hope to see all of us in peace, I’m sure of it. (Antonia smiles)

Now, I brought some questions from some of my audience, I hope you wouldn’t mind answering some of them..

Not at all, please do.

Dear Antonia:  What is your favorite Cheese, signed “Tatat”

(Antonia chuckles) Must be a Ratonga.. mmm I would say Extra Sharp Cheddar.

Dear Antonia:  Don’t you get cold in that outfit?, signed “Brasse”

Oh Dear.. Well, during the winter season, of course the Castle is heated and, as you could tell, I don’t actually get out very much. (Antonia blushes alittle) so, I hope that answers that.

Dear Antonia:  Why do we tolerate the injustices of Freeport as we do?, signed “Arwren”

Well, the simple fact of the matter is.. Freeport is not under our jurisdiction, and we have no control over how it is managed.  Of course, we can always encourage those who wish to defect, to do so and they would be welcomed with open arms.

Dear Antonia:  How comfortable is that thong.. I was thinking of getting one myself and was concerned about comfort.  signed “Elquinjena”

(Antonia sat and blinked, in stunned silence as a deep blush flushed her cheeks)  I umm.. it’s.. very comfortable..

Dear Antonia: How does it feel to have risen.. (Jethal stops and reads further) umm.. no no, you don’t need to hear this one..

No no, I insist.. please read on..

(Jethal sighs) How does it feel to have risen.. so high in the world being such an inferior creature as a human? Have you long studied the dark elven ways to learn leadership and other useful skills? You know, like walking and breathing at the same time?  signed, “Kiara”

As I was grabbed by the guards and thrown out of the castle, I was assured that should I ever wished another interview, I should prepare more suitable questions, for the sovereign of Qeynos.


Author: Jethal