Ask a Drunken Dwarf!


Our vacation is almost over, and the Jethal Silverwing Show will return with new content!  but, it’s up to our fans to make it happen…  Right Now, you can send your questions to the Drunken Dwarf!!  Ask about life, love, questing, ale or anything that’s on your mind.  Your letter will be answered on our favorite segment of the show.. “Ask a Drunken Dwarf!”

Previous installments of Ask a Drunken Dwarf can be found on our Jethal Silverwing information page.. HERE

Submit your questions to our Drunken Dwarf by responding to this post, or by Email at

Here are just a few examples of our favorite installments..

  • Episode 5: Shaving Pussies for Love, Tailoring for Dish Cloths
  • Episode 3: Out of Ale, Forking Ogre, Drunken Spying
Author: Jethal