EQ2.. free to play??


Today, Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson unveiled a new “Free to Play” option for EverQuest 2.  This F2P system is a Limited version of EQ2.. So don’t worry, if you’re paying for the monthly subscription, you’re NOT being ripped off.  Players who wish the full Norrathian Experiance will have to purchase the latest expansion just like everyone else.

Those who use the EQ2X service will be limited on Character Slots, Choices of Race and Class, Max Levels and even limited on the amount of Coin they’re allowed to have per character.  Extensions of services (higher levels, etc..) may be purchased through the Station Cash Marketplace.  And the X players aren’t even on OUR servers.

So the big question is.. How does this effect YOU as a loyal citizen of Norrath?  It doesn’t.  period.

To see the official press release, and a FAQ that’ll answer all of your questions.. CLICK HERE

Author: Jethal