Fanfaire on Fanfaire


Well, it’s back to the real world, after a great weekend in Vegas. Things were better this year by far.. but, I still had a few issues.

Vendors.  We needed more of them, and I mean “little guys”, not the big bus parked in the middle of the floor.. I mean custom artwork, like character portrait artists, maybe someone selling swords or other replicas.

Platinum Pass was well worth it, I think.  The lounge and early access was good.

The DJ at the Platinum Karaoke party had much to be desired, the selection was lacking and didn’t know a lot about sound-checking for the acoustics of that sized hall, that I could tell.  The constant drowning bass was ear-splitting and he kept raising the music level to bury our voices.

Event staff, please take notice.. I Am A DJ and would not charge you a cent if you supply the sound system, for next years FF.

The buffet was a lot better this year. Not only in taste, but preparation for the crowd.

The Legion.  I have to thank all who came.  Trueflight, Cheddarella, Hoopy, Lovell, Kerewyn, Hudd, Roewane, Andriella, Uurson, Santinea, along with Elquinjena and myself.  I know some of who were busy with other folks and guilds from other servers, though we didn’t get to hang out as much as I could have wished, it was great to see you all – some for the first time.

What we learned

The next expansion for EQ2 will be based of the continent of Velious.  No word on Snow Bunnies just yet.  Start saving your platinum and status points for flying mounts!

They’re working on letting our toons sit on chairs, once they have that perfected, then laying on beds should be a snap and soon to follow.

Riding animation is being fixed, so toons with tails and cloaks will look more natural.

More harvesting depot storage is coming.

EverQuest Next is in the works and we got to see screenshots of innothule and freeport.  Classes are going back to basics and will be more logical in skills and abilities.  I can’t wait to hear and see more.

As a first, we inducted 2 new players to the LOK during the faire!  So, welcome aboard !

The People.

We met so many great folks and it was a pleasure to hug and shake hands with the lot of you.

Mostly everyone was so friendly and gracious.  New and veteran Fans alike.  I look forward to next Fanfaire (if we can pull it off)

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Author: Jethal