The Missing Gnome


The Case of the Missing Gnome.

It was a shock to all of us in the Legion of Kithicor to learn of the sudden disappearance of Santinea on sunday.  Her boyfriend, Nikatell was frantic – only her journal was to be found.. her last entry ending abruptly, signifying that she was interrupted in mid-thought.

Last night, Jethal entered the SoulFire Club, of North Freeport in search of any information, or would-be kidnappers.. not finding their top suspect, Masq of the Knights of Freeport, he informed Euryale (proprietor of the club) of Santinea’s disappearance and a reward for any information leading to her safe recovery.. along with the warning that if she were harmed, the perpetrator would live a long, painful life without possibility of the release of death.

Not long after Jethal left the Club, he was contacted by an Agent from Gnomeland Security, who requested a meeting with him to discuss the case and offer any assistance GSHQ (Gnomeland Security Head Quarters) had.  Joined by Uurson, Cheddarella and Aloucia, we gave accounts of her habbits and our suspicions toward the Knights of Freeport.

The two agents in charge took notes and recorded testimony on their clockwork modules.. and promised to keep us apprised of any information involving the case.

We can only hope that Santinea will be returned safely.. keep at eye on for any updates.

Author: Jethal