The Missing Gnome.. Found


Last night, Santinea was returned to us.. she seems unharmed, physically.. but emotionally distraught.  The usually quite and polite gnome, now lashing out verbally.  Clearly in need of time and rest to recover from her ordeal.

For Jethal and Uurson, this matter is far from closed.  Santinea named her kidnapper as Shadowmantic… sadly, one of our own recruits.  Clearly, Shadowmantic applied for membership of the Legion to get closer to Santinea in order to execute this abduction.  She will be dealt with, swiftly, and severely.

Shadowmantic will serve as an example of what happens to those who would harm those of the dark forest.  We are not light.  We are not forgiving.  We are Legion.  By my word, as the Lord of the Dark Forest.. we do not judge by what you are, but by what you do.  Shadowmantic will suffer the wrath of the Demon of Kithicor.

Author: Jethal