GU 58 What I look forward to!!


It is that time of year again, you guessed it.. Game update time. GU 58 is coming to a station launcher near you. I am sure by now that you have heard that it is expected to arrive this Tuesday!!! I wanted to take a moment to go over the patch notes that I have seen for the pre-release.

I guess I will start off with the thing I am excited about… an outside area  in my house. That’s right.. We are remodeling our houses, our 6 rooms are just about to be bigger!! We get a deck and outdoor area too!! Also on the housing front, we are getting the ability to put more things in our houses and not have to worry about what is in the moving crate. We asked for them to remove the item count for items that we packed in our crates, well  now they count as items on their own. If your house count is 400 items, your crate can now hold 400 items ontop of the 400 house count, and of course the books still don’t count. We are also supposed to be getting additional item count for our larger houses for the new area. Another thing to look forward to for next month when the city festival comes through; Doors! Finally after being requested over and over.. we are now getting doors. Have a look, Den mum was awesome and got us a few pictures to see what to expect.

Another great thing to look forward to UI changes,I know that those who use custom UI’s are going to grumble but adding the tab for currency is a great thing. You can take those Marks, and Shards and all of those tokens that you get for each event and place them into a single place and it won’t take up your precious inventory space. However there is a catch, you won’t see those tokens in your alt inventory, you have to physically remove them and place in the shred bank to give to your alt.

Also under the UI changes, appearance mounts. That is right, now you can look like you are riding that beautiful rime horse you worked oh so hard for but still have the speed of a kitty mount. Also with that appearance mount tab you also have a new achievement for the amount of mounts you have. More reasons to collect your favorite mounts.

More proof that they listen, we are now getting different colors for up to 20 chat channels!! Just as well we also can have 40 chat channels going at the same time,and they will be restored between sessions. So now you can see everything clearly and even not miss a thing.

Trade windows are getting an upgrade too. Do you remember when you wanted to trade all those shinies, books and even a few spell books too and you would have to sit there only being able to do 6 at a time? Well wait no more, we are now able to do 12 at a time! No more waiting or having to open those trade windows again and again. It is now easier than ever.

Betrayals… did you ever for RP reasons, or even because you loved a house in Freeport more than in Qeynos, want to betray and not lose those mastered spells? If you answered yes, get ready for more good news. Now you are able to betray to Freeport and not have to worry about losing that mastered spell that you spent plat on or begged your Alchemist to make for you. But of course you have to remember that there is going to be some well warnings… all spells apprentice and above won’t be lost if you are betraying from the same class;  and if you are betraying to another class you won’t lose those spells apprentice and above if they are in the other class, but all new spells are apprentice. So much fine print… I honestly suggest you look this one up cause this confuses this little Gnome.

Woodworkers rejoice! Now those totems that we all know and love, yeah they will be stacking to 100. Now we can save even more bag space, because I don’t know about you but I have very little as it is, even with those 40 slot bags. Oh and another bag saver, your ammo, ninja stars, throwing knives and the such; yeah they now stack to 200. Speaking of more space, the guild hall harvesting depot now holds 50 more unique items making it now hold 200. I don’t know about other guilds but the legion had to start putting our T1 items in the guild bank! Again you know what that means MORE SPACE!!!!

More on the Tradeskill front, Are you a tinkerer, or want to learn the craft? You better be careful because when you miss a counter you might blow up the guild hall. The graphics for missed counters now include fireballs and fireworks. Also did you get as confused as I did when looking for what the T5 fuel was? It was just so confusing, well now all of our fuels will be standardized so now you know what the T5 and T6 fuel is.

Double attack is now being changed to Multi attack, so if you get over 100% you are able to now have a guaranteed hit on the second attack and a chance to hit on the third and the so on. So who do you love the most right?

And the last item that I will mention for changes is an art issue. Now this issue is high on my I can’t wait until this update is out so I can wear dresses again! If you guessed that the thing I am most excited about.. the dreaded Gnomish panty line. I guess from what the forums state, this issue was happening with Halflings too… What is it with us short races and that panty line…Just because we are short we are not showing the entire world our undergarments. Or if we are going to show them.. Give us an option to choose the color. Either way, there is no worries now as they are fixing it come Tuesday!!! Let us all dance and rejoice together, we can look sexy again.

Well as you know there is a lot more  things to expect from this Game update, but you will just have to read the patch notes and experience it all for yourself. There was just tooo much good stuff to cover. I am sure you all have your favorite thing about the next GU, what is yours?

Author: Jethal