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As we all know, as a movie franchise continues on and on and on.. the story degrades, the writing gets tired, and what once wow’d us.. turns into a joke.  The most significant example of this is “Friday the 13th”.  It takes alot to take a movie to it’s 7th installment and end on a high note.  Saw3D is just that.  In a summer and fall when sequels where released Only to pander to the new digital3D craze, our beloved Jon (aka “Jigsaw”) pulls one out of the hat for a final (?) ending to the blood and guts slaughter-fest, and did not disappoint.

Although, I wasn’t awestruck by any of the subtle 3d effects.. the story was good, the morality play was well in place and once more, they drew us in to see justice done – Jigsaw style.

I would say.. see a Matinee, not full price.  But, worth watching if you’re a fan of horror, as I am.

(( BTW – if you have the old red/blue 3d glasses.. the top banner is worth a 2nd look ))

What is it about the Saw franchise that makes it appealing?  Is it our dark desire to see our fellow man being drawn and quartered, or tortured in some other ghastly way?  I tend to look at it this way.. in the Saw movies, there are no innocent victims.  Everyone who’s been captured and placed into these horrible situations.. somehow.. deserved to be there.  Jigsaw isn’t snatching little kids off the streets, he’s not running amok – chasing teenagers with a machete… He’s forcing his subjects to look at their lives and ask the question.. what would you do to live?  How much will do endure to appreciate the life you have?  If you value what you have.. there is a way to survive.

Perhaps taking the christian saying “God doesn’t put more in front of you than you can handle” to the extreme.

Author: Jethal