The Jethal Show – Let it flood, Let it flood, Let it flood…


Join us this evening as Jethal and Elquin brave the waters of the yearly flood to bring you another exciting episode of the Jethal Show!  This week… Snow and artic winds freeze the pond in the hall of the Legion of Kithicor as we celebrate Frostfell with YOU, or guests for the evening.  Come to the Legion of Kithicor Guild Hall for our Frostfell Party, taking place During the show!

  • T3 Hall, off the coast of Antonica
  • Antonia Bayle Server
  • 10pm eastern / 7pm pacific
  • Hit the teleport pad “The Frozen Lake – transportation and Frostfell Party”

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Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific
As Always, Join us IN GAME by typing /join guk.ogr

Author: Jethal