The Top 10 List


Well, everyone else seems to be having their list of Top “Things” of 2010..  So, why should we be any different? presents..  The Top Downloaded Media of 2010!


Song Title Downloads
Heal me, Baby (One more Time) 2622
Here Comes Nagafen 1536
Yesterday 1351
Can’t Mez This 1346
Brell’s Magic Keg 1272
(I Just) Died in the Fens 1233
I Love Hunting Gnolls 1195
Rangers Paradise (EQ2 Version) 1188
Don’t Touch My Beard 1146
Cyber Sex Mistell 1141

Music Videos:

Video Title Views
GNOOB! 829
Dark Elf Girl 443
Brell’s Magic Keg 346
I Love Hunting Gnolls 337
The Ranger 324
Seven Elvish Angels 318
12 Days of Frostfell 317
Fly Away (The Betrayal Song) 316
Rangers Paradise (EQ2 version) 290
Don’t Steal My Node 289
Author: Jethal