Housing Improvements Incoming!


Our producer, “Smoke Jumper” made a fine announcement today on the EQ2 Forums

Hi, folks,

There are some very cool housing improvements coming up in the next month or two. These improvements are not linked to Velious in any way, so the timing will not necessarily occur right at the Velious launch. It may be (probably will be) after that.

But…that being said…here’s what’s going to change:

1) Multiple House Ownership! You will now be able to own more than one house. In fact, we won’t have a limit to the number of houses you can own at all. Would you like to own 50 houses? Go for it. Access to these multiple houses will still be through their individual doors, but you can own as many as you want in as many cities as you desire.

2) Prestige Homes! We have lots of little homes that are very cool to own, but not large enough to be the “main” house for many folks. Some good examples of this are the Skyblade Skiff, Vampire Lair and the Everfrost Summer Home that’s part of the DoV collector’s edition items.

Prestige Homes have one very neat feature. They come with portal objects that *you can put in another home*! Thus, you can have your main house, and then have portals within your main house that link to your Vampire Lair, a dojo, an opera house, your sky boat, etc. as we release Prestige Homes in the future. (You can also enter these prestige homes via permanent links from Freeport or Qeynos, but the portal objects are what make them especially cool.)

Prestige Homes come with their own item limits, so you won’t have to cannibalize your main house limits. Also, you can have portals to the same prestige home in multiple other homes.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about Prestige Homes and how the portals work, but we’re going to hold off on further details for a bit until implementation is further along. But we wanted you to know more about this upcoming set of features so that you can understand why we keep making these “small homes” available in our recent releases. They’ll eventually be Prestige Homes and can be linked up together…which will be cool.


Source: EQ2 Official Forums
Author: Jethal