Velious NDA Lifted!!


Finally, the Destiny of Velious NDA is lifted and we here at now proudly bring you our official write up!!

  • There’s Ice!
  • There’s Othmir!
  • There’s Flying Mounts!
  • There’s a Tower of Frozen Shadow!
  • There’s Stuff!

That’s about it.  SOE decided to only Partially lift the NDA – giving only a few FanSites exclusive screenshots and limited write ups.  Wow..  and I thought the no-advertising thing was gonna be the target of my rage.  And i’m not the only one.. Feldon at is on the warpath as well!

Please remember that all posts made on the Beta forums are still protected under the NDA and should not be shared publicly. In addition, screenshots were disabled in the Beta test so any images taken by bypassing the disabled screenshot feature also fall under this restriction. ~Source:

So, if you want DoV info.. go to Zam or Ten Ton Hammer

Author: Jethal