Taking Flight


Flying Mounts in EQ2 are Fun and good for the soul!

So.. you didnt get the Griffin Mount by pre-ordering EQ2: Destiny of Velious?  Don’t dispair, there is a way to get that mount and get flying!

All the walk throughs are available at ZAM, of course (click here)

What else do I need to know?

Flying a mount is the same as swimming in the waters of Norrath.. you’re going to go where ever you point yourself.

  • Lift off the ground by hitting your Space Bar.
  • Space Bar lifts you straight into the air, until you hit the zone limit
  • Point yourself straight down and dive bomb!  You griffin will screech like an eagle.
  • You can not fly indoors
  • You can not fly in cities
  • Most of the pre-DOV out door zones have been modified for flight.
  • You can NOT
    • use any “riding” mount in your appearance slot while flying.  Sorry, no flying horses.
    • use any abilities while flying
    • cast any spells while flying
    • fight while flying
Author: Jethal