Facebook Foul Up


I done a bad ting..

OK, well not bad, but yeah, I messed up.  I found the option to convert my (Jethal) facebook profile into a Fan-Page, which I thought would be nice, to only worry about One account – instead of having to log in and out of Jethal’s and my personal account to interact with people.  I misread the warning on the conversion page.

What I thought said “your photos will be transferred to your new fan page” actually read “your profile photo will be transferred to your new fan page”.  Yeah.. I lost 128 photos, that I don’t think i’ll be able to recover.  Not only that.. but..

  • No Photos Transferred
    • 128 Photos lost
  • Wall Posts all erased
    • Not a huge lost, but still..
  • Account converted to a “Business Account”
    • Which means, I lost all game data (cityville, dungeon overlord, etc.), lost all ‘friends’ and it wiped my profile.
  • Lastly, I was unable to set my personal Facebook Account as Admin of the new page!
    • Which completely undermined what I was trying to do in the first place

Unfortunately, this process is completely irreversible.  What’s done is done, and the only thing I can do is start over again.

You can find the New facebook page of Jethal Silverwing by clicking HERE.  I hope to recover the 200+ fans I had ‘friended’ on my old account.  Please spread the word!

Author: Jethal