Darkness on our world


Today, it has been learned that zealot followers of the Lord of Hate, Innoruuk, made an attempt to summon him forth from the Plane of Hate, for the second time in Norrathian History.

This time the toll was greater than that of the Battle of [[Bloody Kithicor]], as all the world has been plunged into darkness – leaving all helpless in the wake of such an event.

We understand that those above us are working diligently to restore order to this mass of chaos, and the darkness will be lived as soon as within their power to do so.  We can only pray that the world that we return to, resembles the world we remember from yesterday, but safer, and with the security that, we can only hope, will prevent this wanton hate from happening again.

OK, in all seriousness.  SOE had to take down ALL Servers due to a security issue, today.  They’re working on the issue and we’ll be back to hunting dragons and gnolls as soon as possible.  We only hope nothing serious results from this, but just in case – I advice everyone to change your passwords as soon as service is restored!

Author: Jethal