New Song! Hacker Screw Ya


Hacker, Screw Ya! (Download MP3 Here)
– Parody of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

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I heard there was security breach
The users files within their reach
User names and Passwords flowing to ya

They took all the servers down
They blocked our access in every town
a day a week while fear riddles through ya

Hacker, screw ya..

We pray our credit not been sold
while info streams in bitter cold
copper wires and network patches to ya

A calling card seemed too bold
Placed in apache software code
a lone codemaster thinking that we knew ya

Hacker, Screw ya..

One, appeared he seamed in plight
Breaking software copywrite
But courts and cops and law suits peirced right through ya

In misguided attackers sites
In the hackers hibeam lights
The users bore the burden, think it through ya..

Hacker, Screw ya..

While some sit, and victem-blame
We just want to play our games
but dont forget that this hacker tried to screwed ya

Instead of pointing out some flaw
He waltzed right in took what he saw
We’d like to use a power saw to cut right threw ya

Hacker screw ya.

There might be a guiding light
through this dark and troubled time
security patches they’ll work through ya

Just dont, oh the users we pray
Take tips from the TSA
We don’t need to be felt up to log in ya..

Hacker Screw ya..

Author: Jethal