New Song: PatchDay


It’s a New Song! That’s right.. This time I’m parodying a song that’s been voted as one of the worst.. EVER. Patch Day is a parody of “Friday” by Rebecca Black.. please take note that my song has been Intentionally and Massively Auto-Tuned – just to poke fun of the original.

Patch Day (Download MP3 Here)
– Parody of “Friday” by Rebecca Black

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Verse 1
10am, rollin out of bed
Last nights raid, running through my head
Gotta have my loot, gotta have my gear
Had me stayin up till 4 this morning
It went on and on, had my healer blushing
32 deaths and i had enough
Gotta get to bed, so this night can end

Tanks there to get beat
Rangers in the back seat
Caught there in the middle
and our Healer was really a flake..


It’s patch day, patch day
nothin ta do on patch day
Everybody’s trying hard to log in, log in
Patch day, Patch day
Nothin ta do on Patch day
Everybody’s trying again, try to log in

Login in, Login in (Yeah)
Login in, Login in (Yeah)
Still down, we frown
Can’t wait for this patch to end.

Verse 2
11:45, downloading all morning
God i’d kill for a T3 line
Come on, Gotta get it done
You know how it is
What is this, getting miffed
I hope I play tonight
What’s this? What’s this?
How long can it take?

Friend’s online I must meet
Hygene takes a back seat
Gotta get back online
But it takes the cake

Why al-ways on my day, my day
My day off on Tuesdays, tuesdays..
Oh god, let me back in
let me back on
I got a raid in an hour

Tomorrow is much too late
It’s patching just alittle more
When will this patch day ever end?

Author: Jethal