Sword and Bow App for Android


My Fellow Rangers, we need not suffer the indignities of falling to those geeks wielding their swords on their smartphones, while you can do nothing but wait for the enevitable slash through our sides.. NO!

Now there is an App for we who sling arrows too!  That’s right, at this year’s fan faire, you can see Jethal making pin cusions out of the Sony Devs and Vendors as he wields his Google MyTouch!

Sword and Bow for Android (Link to Android Marketplace) – you can scan the QR code in the gallery below

  • Normal Mode:  Touch screen.  Place arrow on string.  Pull back (hold if you want).  Release.
  • Easy Mode:  Drag finger across screen to Fire.

[pro-player width=’620′ height=’50’ type=’sound’]http://kithicor.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/swordandbow_shot.mp3[/pro-player]

Author: Jethal