The First Day


Well, I’ve made it to Fan Faire, and I’ll tell ya.. this was the best flight I’ve ever had!

The drive to SEA-TAC airport was very quick, and I assured Elquinjena that I’d come back in one peice, and she’d be fine without me for a week.. she said she’d invite some girlfriends over for a fun time in the hot tub.. then laughed meniacally as she drove off to her exotic hot tubbing adventure.

The line at the South West Airline counter was very long, but it went quick.. my bags where checked in and I was on my way to my brutal ass raping by the TSA!

And by ass raping I, of course, mean.. surprisingly pleasant people in an even more surprising quick line.. and I was on my way to the sardine can with wings to be shot like a bullet across the country.

I boarded the plane and took my seat.. and it was a flight i’ll never forget!  Imagine my shock and surprise when I found myself..

  • In a row of 2 passengers with 1 seat to spare
  • No screaming children
  • A completely Fabulous flight attendant who was more than friendly
  • And seated next to a very pleasant elderly lady who shared her news paper with me.

I was shocked! I was aghast! I was.. weirded out!

I arrived at Bally’s without a hitch, hickup or bruise.. and wishing Elquin could have been here with me to share the experience.

Now, to meet up with friends and munch down on some Vegas Food!

I had dinner along side Greg “Rothgar” Spence and his lovely, and very pregnant wife, Tiffany “Amnerys” Spence.. enjoying steak and man, did we chat up a storm.. talking about everything from smart phone apps to memories of EQ1 and the Great Nerfing of Rangers in EQ2 (back some years ago)

If the start of this trip is any indication, I’m really lookin forward to the rest of the weekend.

Author: Jethal