Day Two of Fan Faire


I will say that the 2011 Fan Faire is racking up to be one of my most memorable.

I started the day in a meeting with some great people from the community, Breakfast Burritos (yuck) and lunch was “Make your own” sandwiches, Yay Turkey!!  Had some great conversations and lots of good people.

Follow that up with the Lounge and Bazaar, leading up to the Public Address by John Smedly.. and it looks like EQ2 is in for a great year!

  • Expansion “Age of Discovery” announced for a November 2011 release
    • Introducing the Beast Lord Class to EQII
    • Tradeskill “Apprentices” that you can Train up
    • Design your own dungeon!
    • Hired Mercenaries
    • Reforge items to shift stats around, and change appearance.
    • AA Cap Increase
    • New account security measure will see Authorization “Dongles” in place (as of July 8th 2011) followed by apps for iPhone and Android.

After the Address.. it was down to Sbarro with Jethal, Cheddarella, Uurson, Talace, Lera and Necrotherian.. and then


We all did more than one song, and honestly, these weren’t our best, but my video camera’s battery ran out.


Author: Jethal