Alert! Thievery At Fan Faire!


I am outraged.  I was just informed that, fantasy artist, Larry Elmore was Ripped Off during the 2011 Fan Faire.  While he was with a potential customer, some thief stole his cash box, containing cash, and credit card receipts!

We gamers are usually a tight nit group and very respectful and in awe of our artist.. and this dishonorable act has us up in arms.

If you purchased anything from Larry’s table this weekend, PLEASE…

  • Check to make sure your purchase was completed through your bank
  • Contact your bank and alert them to possible credit card fraud
  • And most important.. If were NOT charged for your artwork, PLEASE contact Larry Elmore and do the right thing by making sure his work is compensated for.

Larry Elmore is a wonderful artist with strong ties to the Fantasy and Gaming community.. and he was wronged, horribly, by either a walk-in with no integrity, or even worse.. one of our own.

We encourage everyone to visit Larry’s Elmore’s website, and make a purchase.  We can not let this act go by the wayside.  Support Larry Elmore as thanks for everything he does for the gaming community.

Author: Jethal