Well this Stinks!


The World of Norrath, in EverQuest 2, boasts significant advances in Tinkering and civilization across the lands.  But there is one aspect of our virtual lives that we seem to be missing.

Where the crap are the bathrooms?

The only bathroom in the entirety of our virtual world seems to be a strange room in the haunted underground structure of Stormhold.  The room itself is guarded by animated blobs of goo.. and we don’t really want to know what they are.. seriously, it’s just too wrong to think about.

This lack of Toilets have prompted many house decorators to construct their own rest areas within their houses, but to what end? There doesn’t seem to be a septic system (no, Big Bend doesn’t count). So where are all these crafted toilets emptying?  Perhaps that is the reason for all the hostility of those who lurk in the Down Below.

Officials of Qeynos, Freeport and New Halas have declined the oportunity to respond to our inquiries. The Nerian Guard tried to roast our messenger, and the Court of Kelethin giggled and made poop jokes.

We can only hope that this sticky situation is addressed sooner than later as the citizens of the great cities of Norrath hold their breath and buy lots of Fly Strips.

Author: Jethal