GU61 Notes and Prep!


GU61 is right around the corner and boy, it’s a big one!!  Here are some of the finer points of interest…

Warning!  Camp somewhere safe before the Game Update!!  All of your equipment will be un-attuned and moved to your Over Flow.  AA Trees will be wiped and you will be de-buffed!!

SPEND YOUR SPIRE EVENT TOKENS!!  All ground spawns will cease, Vendors will disapear!!

  1. Fae get the “Gift of Flight”
  2. Arasai get the “Gift of Flight”
  3. New Tradeskill Alternative Advancement (AA)
  4. Revised AA Trees
  5. Equipment Revamp
    • You will now be able to modify existing equipment to alter their stats.
  6. Personal Houses and Guild Halls Voting and Hall of Fame
  7. Many new Crafting Items, including
    • 16 New Floor Tiles
    • 5 New Crafted Dividers
    • House Signs
      • Unlike the “Magic Mouths”, you will have more text space.
      • Sign text will display with mouse-over
    • New Paintings
  8. Prelude to the new “Beastlord” Class
    • The Playable Beastlord class will not be available at this time
  9. New Dynamic Dungeons
Author: Jethal