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Nights of the Dead by Jethal Silverwing
– Parody of “Last Friday Night” by Katty Perry

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Verse 1

There’s new voices in my head
Telling me, oh, go back to bed
The sky is filled with gloom
black with inpending doom
You can’t walk too far
Bones are piled in the yard
My friend’s on his death bed
Cause he’s joined the walking dead..

It’s not safe at night
And they’ll take a bite of you..
..Oh Hell..
I-it’s a night mare
Filled with Ghosts and Were.. wolves

Verse 2

Around each corner there’s a scare
that bristles up my hair
a shiver down my spine
with the children of the night
There’s a mummy from a tomb
A werewolf baying at the moon
That cry from a little kid
Was a ghost, giving me a trick

It’s a special night
And they’ll give a fright to you
Be on High Alert
It’s a blood stained shirt
..damn (you’ve got red on you)

Coming out at Night
Of the Dead and they wont stop
we take alittle off the top
Popcorn Balls and Lollipops

Coming out at Night
Of the Dead, they mean us harm
Haunting at McQuibbles Farm
Coming at us like a swarm

Coming out at Night
Of the Dead, we’re seeing red
Lost out in the Maze of Hedge
Celebrations of the Dead

Coming out at Night
Of the Dead, For Trick or Treat
And the dead are on their feet
Ooo Oooh

It’s a Party Night
Oooof the Dead..
It’s a Party Night
Oooof the Dead..


Author: Jethal